The website serves the following purposes:

  • as a tool for collecting funds in the form of donations for the establishment of new youth social enterprises
  • As an opportunity to spread awareness about the concept of youth social entrepreneurship,
  • a useful resource for established and emerging social enterprises
  • as a possibility for trainings and webinars
  • as a Register of social enterprises in our country 

Through its “Social Entrepreneurship for Youth Employment” project, the National Youth Council of Macedonia has designed, developed, and made available the web platform known as This platform can be utilized by new initiatives to create social enterprises in addition to existing social enterprises that are already in operation.

The platform can only be utilized for the publication of initiatives and the collection of funds by registered users. Users are able to publish initiatives with the intention of acquiring financial resources to support their objectives.

Terms and Conditions for the Use of

By registering on the platform, you are deemed to have accepted the platform’s terms and conditions. is a platform that collects funds in the form of crowdfunding for ideas for establishing social enterprises in the Republic of North Macedonia.

The platform allows for the exchange of data and information, and through it, initiatives for the establishment of social enterprises can post a profile with a call for funding in the form of donations.

Definitions of Commonly Used Words and Phrases

Personal data refers to information and data relating to the identity of a natural person or an identifiable natural person whose personal data is protected by the provisions of the Law on Personal Data protection.

User-Related Terms

 To use the platform, the initiative creator must first create a user profile and register on the platform.

The initiative’s profile can exclusively be used for gaining information, solicitation, and fundraising. Initiatives on their profile voluntarily enter data such as the initiative’s name, description, and similar things.

If the initiative’s creator uses his profile for a purpose other than what the platform is intended for, will block the profile and remove it from the platform.

User- Initiative’s Creator- Related Terms

 In order to use the platform, the user – the initiative’s creator – must create a user profile and thus register on the platform. Users voluntarily enter information on their own profiles, such as the initiative’s name, field of activity, description of the initiative, and similar things.

Users who have registered on the platform can publish a profile about the initiative at any time and track the statistics of funds collected.

It is forbidden for the user to use their profile on the platform to engage in actions that involve: 

  • Breaking the law, infringig on another person’s patent, copyright, trademark, trade secret or other right pertaining to a different natural person or legal person
  • Violating the right to privacy and personal data of third parties, discriminating against them, smearing or misleading them,
  • Language that incites hatred,
  • Copying activities from other users
  • Impersonating the site’s operator in an unauthorized capacity

Each initiative that is currently being prepared for publishing on the platform will be subject to approval in order to establish whether or not it satisfies the goals for which it was placed on the platform in the first place. However, the user is entirely responsible for the content of the initiative itself, and it is the user’s duty to ensure that the content conforms to the relevant requirements for the protection of personal data as well as any other legal duties.

In consultation with the user, may modify or change the profile, such as correcting spelling errors, or delete the profile if it is incomplete, contains offensive, inappropriate, immoral, or discriminatory content that is contrary to the RNM’s Constitution and laws, or if the advertisement is self-promotion.

Registration process

The creators of any initiative or social enterprise can sign up for free to use the platform to access its resources. Our administrators will decide whether or not to approve your registration.

It is required that you enter the following information in order to complete the registration process, also known as creating a profile:

– Name, telephone number, and email address for legal entities

-Name, telephone number and email address for natural persons

– The following information is required for natural persons: first and last name, telephone number, and email address

It is not allowed to use offensive, vulgar, or otherwise inappropriate usernames. This, too, is grounds for denying registration and access to the platform as a whole.

The profile password is selected by the user and must contain at least eight characters, including at least one capital letter, one lowercase letter, one special character, and a number. You are not permitted to reveal your password to anyone.

In the event that you forget your password, our administrators will reset it after identifying the user, and you will be able to select a new password in accordance with section 4.

NYCM retains the right to refuse registration or terminate a user name if they do not comply with the platform’s terms of service or conditions.

Payment Procedures for Collected Financial Resources

 Funds collected from donations will be deposited to users – the initiative’s creators into the account of the legal entity that they will establish.

All initiative creators have a one-month deadline to register a legal entity, which commences when their campaign is completed and posted on the website.

Before transferring funds to a legal entity’s account, NYCM will sign an agreement with the entity.

The bank commission will be subtracted from the total amount that will be transferred to the subject.

Personal Data Protection

NYCM has drafted and published a privacy policy, which you can access when you create your profile. Profile activity data is retained until the profile is deleted or until you request its removal. Donation-related information is retained in compliance with the existing legal rules and will not be deleted at your request.
When assembling and publishing their initiatives, the user is obligated to comply with the Law on Personal Data Protection.

Following registration and activation of the user profile (via a link sent to the user’s entered e-mail address), the users – the initiative’s creators – voluntarily enter certain personal identification data in the provided forms.

The users – creators of the initiative – give consent to have their personal data collected and processed by using the platform, that is, by creating the user profile itself.

Users – initiative creators – make entered personal data such as name and surname, e-mail, links to their social networks, and data about the initiatives visible to potential donors.

According to the provisions of the Law on Personal Data Protection, consent for the collection and processing of personal data is given solely for the purpose of promoting social enterprises and fundraising, as well as performing other activities strictly related to the promotion of the platform or crowdfunding, and cannot be used for any other purpose. Without the consent of the platform or the creators of the initiatives, the use of personal data for any other purpose (copying, distribution, etc.) is strictly prohibited, and in such event, will notify all competent institutions in order to take appropriate measures.

Users – the initiative’s creators – can withdraw their consent for the collection and processing of their personal data at any time, that is, deactivating their user profile without further explanation.

Liability for Data Accuracy

The platform is not liable for, and does not guarantee the accuracy of, available personal data, contacts, characteristics, and all other information specified by initiative creators.

The platform is not liable for any damage caused to the initiative’s creators or donors as a result of the misuse of incorrect data by the initiative’s creator, the donor, or third parties. By using the platform, the creator of the initiative and the donor waive any claim for material or non-material damages.


The appearance of the platform, content, drawings, tables, the appearance of profiles, computer programs, tables, sketches, and so on are copyrighted and are owned by As such, they are protected by the Law on Copyright and Related Rights. NYCM will not have copyright over the initiatives’ contents. Copyright belongs only to the platform’s users.

 Modification of Terms and Conditions of Use reserves the right to change and supplement the terms and conditions of use, at any time, and each change enters into force immediately after its publication on our platform. Further access and use of the platform after the published changes means that the user accepts them.

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