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ALLKND is an impact-led, Gen Z forward, not-for-profit, working on improving young people’s mental health by teaching Australia’s first digital, peer-to-peer mental health first aid program, at scale around the country.

Sydney, Австралија

Youth Mental Health First Aid

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За нас

We’re on a mission to impact 1000 and 1 of you and reduce youth mental illness-related fatalities, one brave human, at a time.

Built with you, your mate, your sibling in mind, our team of psychologists and experts have fused evidence-based research with relatable conversation to arm you with the knowledge and skills required for peer-to-peer mental health support, crisis or not.

Our team of psychologists and communication specialists have used evidence-based research to build our signature digital program, Brain Pilot, and are expecting to find that participation in Brain Pilot improves young people’s mental health literacy, resilience and self-efficacy, confidence in providing support to peers, and help-seeking behaviors.

Bonus! We’ve even got an App called MAYDAY – to act as a companion and simple digital guide in times of personal or peer mental health crisis.

We’ve got snacks! So come sit with us already – we’ll dazzle you!

Come sit with us already

In order to scale our impact, we’re going to need some funding. About $10,000 to be exact. While we wish we could use Monopoly money to pay our bills, we need the real thing in order to:


  • Hire workshop facilitators to hold mental-health-focused learning experiences
  • Pay for insurances associated with preventative youth mental health education
  • Host our mental health first aid program on the most effective, accessible and user-friendly learning platform
  • Hire administration to coordinate onboarding to our digital mental health first aid program, Brain Pilot and compiling reports
  • Conduct research studies to measure the effectiveness of our programs and overall youth experiences and attitudes towards mental health in Australia (in partnership with a major University’s Institute for Social Science Research)
  • Provide ‘scholarship’ opportunities to young people in mental health first aid training via Brain Pilot
  • Pay Tom Hanks to voice our educational animations (just kidding – we wish)

Because our programs


  • Are extensively researched for quality and efficacy in our ‘KND Lab by our world-renowned research partners
  • Offer preventative tools for education systems to integrate
  • Facilitate access to quality, reliable, current and targeted mental health information
  • Are informed by evidence to achieve mental-health-promoting behavior change
  • Translate new evidence into practice in a way that is practical, scalable and sustainable
  • Operate within a strengths-based philosophy, framed with compassion and mindfulness to empower and encourage good mental health
  • Improve the environment, culture, awareness or attitude surrounding mental illness
  • Confirm that we are specialists and leaders in mental health prevention and promotion
  • Are able to reach the target group, digitally and in person, alongside a strong online presence and brand narrative
  • Actively measure outcomes in partnership with a major university’s Institute for Social Science Research
  • Are always brand aligned with a relatable, credible and positive public image


You can join us

ALLKND is a nonprofit organization based in Australia.

100% of our donations are used for the improvement of mental health of young people.

Visit our website to learn about our many other programs: https://allknd.org/